Dormann Library 3-D Printing at Home Event

September 10, 2019  6 p.m.

Have you ever thought about wanting to do 3D printing at home and not knowing where to start? The Dormann Library has a program coming up that will help give some direction on how easy it is to make it happen. On Tuesday, September 10 at 6 p.m., it will be hosting a “Do It Yourself Printing” Program with David Rosabianca.

David is a recent graduate of Haverling High School and majored in the Digital Media Arts Program through BOCES. After using the 3-D printers at the school, he built an Ender 3 3-D printer from a company called "Creality" at home.  This printer is an affordable do-it-yourself build and David is going to share some tips that he learned during the process.

As part of the program, David will also do a printing demonstration with his printer. His long term goal is to continue his education and become a professional graphic designer doing 3-D modeling. He is still learning how to best accomplish his design goals on his printer and we are looking forward to seeing what he can do at this point in his journey. This program is free and open to all ages, but some of the information will be best suited for those 12 and up.

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