Southern Tier Nonprofit Professional Development Needs Assessment

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
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The IHS Education Committee has developed a needs assessment survey to better understand the professional development landscape for Southern Tier nonprofit organizations. The survey focuses on personal development, staff development, and a regional assessment of available opportunities.

The results of this assessment will be used to improve opportunities for nonprofit employees and to help organizations assess the regional professional development landscape. An assessment analysis will be completed by IHS and will be open to the public.

The Education Committee, composed of staff from eight different nonprofit organizations, will use the assessment findings to improve offerings and increases access to needed training. If your organization currently provides training and/or professional development for individuals outside of your organization, please contact Brandon Saylor (Director of Communications & Member Services at IHS) by emailing

“Our goal at IHS is not to duplicate already existing resources,” states Brandon. “We want to understand the barriers to success and then connect nonprofit staff with the right opportunity. If that opportunity does not exist, we work with our partners to develop sessions that make sense for local agencies. First, we must understand what employees and employers are looking for. That is the goal of this survey.”  

The IHS Education Committee needs your help spreading the word! Please share with individuals within your organization and beyond. The only requirement is that participants work for a nonprofit organization. The findings will be most useful if employees at all levels of the organization participate. Data from executive directors to frontline staff is appreciated.

Click Here to Participate in the Needs Assessment hermes birkin


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