2018 INSPIRE Youth Health Conference & RFP

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Annual INSPIRE Adolescent Health and Wellness conference has been moved from October 2017 to March 2018 (see below for more details). A collaboration with New Vision Education and Human Service students at GST BOCES has led to a great opportunity. 

Steuben Rural Health Network received the Rose's Youth Philanthropist Grant from Community Foundation. The New Visions students will be planning the 9th Annual Inspire Conference. This professional development conference will focus on high priority adolescent health and wellness topics. The students will have the opportunity to develop, plan, and carry out the implementation of the conference.

In addition, the conference will have a Professional Development Track for Professionals, and a Youth Development Track for the Youth (Grades 9-12). 

Conference Date
Thursday, March 8, 2018

Conference Location
GST BOCES, Bush Campus 


Request for Presentations

2018 Adolescent Health & Wellness Annual Conference

Presented by the INSPIRE Youth Leadership Council & the Steuben Rural Health Network, the 2018 Adolescent Health & Wellness Annual Conference will attract nearly 100 regional attendees, ranging from professionals working with youth to community-minded individuals and parents. 

Potential participants include social workers, guidance counselors, teachers, nurses, adolescent program coordinators & directors, health educators, adolescent health clinics and councils, community development corporations, health departments, departments of social service, students, and community members.

The INSPIRE Adolescent Health & Wellness Task Force is currently seeking presentations on a broad range of topics related to adolescent health and wellness, including trends and challenges in youth development, programming, organizational capacity building, and more! Attendees will be interested in work shops that offer concrete ideas, applicable methods, and valuable resources that can be incorporated into their own programs and organizations. 

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