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Monday, February 25, 2019
Steuben Prevention Coalition Sponsors Social Host Law PSA Video Contest

The Steuben Prevention Coalition after receiving grant funding through the Triangle Fund of Corning, NY, is sponsoring a Public Service Announcement (PSA) Video Contest in Steuben County aimed at promoting awareness of the Social Host Law with the message that “social hosting” is not only dangerous but illegal.  

The Social Host Law was passed in February of 2015 in Steuben County and refers to adults who host parties where alcohol is served on property they control. Through social host liability laws, adults can be held responsible for these parties if underage people are served, regardless of who furnishes the alcohol. Teen parties are a primary setting for underage drinking for high school and college students and high consumption of alcohol and binge drinking.  Hosting a party with underage drinking, while the intentions are to keep the teenagers safe, is illegal.  The goal of this project for the Steuben Prevention Coalition is to educate teens and parents on the dangers and consequences that can occur when they allow the use of their home or properties by minors for hosting a party where alcohol is served. 

Brooks Baker, Steuben County District Attorney said “  

To enter the PSA Video Contest, please submit your entries by March 31, 2019.  Entries will be judged by a panel Coalition members during the 1st week of April 2019.  The winning entry will be aired at local theaters prior to regularly scheduled movies during the months of May and June for the Prom and Graduation season.  First and second runners up PSA’s will be utilized by the Coalition during community events, town hall meetings and school events.  Full details will also be listed on the Steuben Prevention Coalition website at www.steubenpreventioncoalition.org. 

While it is not required to register for the PSA Video Contest it is appreciated so that we can keep you informed of the progress and deadlines.  To participate, please contact the Steuben Prevention Coalition at 607-776-6441 ext. 202 or at cbanik@dor.org 

For more information, please contact: 
Colleen Banik
Program Coordinator
Steuben Prevention Coalition
Phone: (607) 776-6441 ext. 202
Email: cbanik@dor.org


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