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Thursday, September 5, 2019

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What’s the first thing your kids grab when they come home hungry after school? If you said chips, crackers, or energy bars, you are not the only one! Packaged snacks are easy and convenient. But why not make vegetables and fruit just as easy to grab, both for you and your kids? Have veggies and fruits available to grab-and-go by trying some of these ideas:

  • Keep fruits and veggies where they’re easy to see. For instance, have a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table. Make sure to remind your family to wash the fruit before eating.
  • Store ready-to-eat fruit and veggie snacks in the fridge. Here are some quick and easy ideas:
    • Store sliced vegetables in the refrigerator in snack bags or clear containers and serve with dips like hummus, tzatziki (cucumber-yogurt dip), baba ganoosh (eggplant dip), or guacamole.
    • Make veggie or fruit kabobs, and serve with healthy dip or low-fat salad dressing.
    • Toss veggies with cooked pasta and your favorite oil and vinegar dressing for a healthy, ready-to-eat, and satisfying salad.
  • Kids love to dip their foods. Whip up a quick dip for veggies with yogurt and seasonings such as herbs or garlic. Serve with raw vegetables like broccoli, carrots, or cauliflower. Fruit chunks go great with yogurt flavored with cinnamon or vanilla extract.

Featured Vegetable

Acorn Squash

How to Select
Select acorn squash that are dull and heavy for their size. Avoid squash with soft spots or cracks.

How to Store
Store acorn squash in a cool, dry area away from extreme temperatures and sunlight. Acorn squash can stay fresh for up to 3 months.

How to Prepare
Puree roasted or steamed acorn squash and use it as a sauce over pasta or with meat. Mix thinly-sliced squash strips with whole wheat noodles. Thinly slice acorn squash, then add a little cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg and either steam or microwave. Make a delicious cream of acorn squash soup and then, for a festive presentation, bring it to the table served inside hollowed-out squash halves.

Recipe of the Month

Super Stuffed Squash

Eat this yummy pork dinner served inside a delicious squash bowl!

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Resource of the Month

Hacking Your Snacks

Planning for healthy snacks can help satisfy hunger in between meals and keep you moving towards your food group goals.

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Story of the Month

Building Fruit Pizzas at Southside Community Center

Nutritionist Joan helped kids at the community center make their own fruit pizza using whole grain English muffins, low-fat cream cheese, and an assortment of fruit. Emma did not want to put blueberries on her pizza: “I don’t like them,” she said. Joan and the other kids encouraged her to try “just one,” and what do you know, “They’re good!” she exclaimed. She soon had a large pile of blueberries on her plate but not too many lasted long enough to make it on to her pizza!


Watch this girl describe how she fits healthy snacks into her day!How do you fit healthy snacks into your busy day? This genius girl shows you how!


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