20 Years Dedicated to Service

Pierce Celebrates Milestone Anniversary at IHS

BATH, NY | Dedicated, humble, humorous and continually soldiering on in her work, Allison Pierce was celebrated for her 20 years of service at Institute for Human Services, Inc. this week.

Pierce, who currently serves as Director of IHS Coordinated Transportation Services (CTS), oversees the nonprofit’s volunteer driver program, that connects people with critical needs to rides for non-emergency medical trips, food-related trips and human service agency appointments. In 2019, for example, volunteer drivers dedicated 36,486 hours of service, driving 1,064,475 miles to serve 4,331 clients across a several county service area in the Southern Tier.

Pierce was honored with glowing praise by the IHS executive team and co-workers who have witnessed her selfless style of management first-hand, and presented with an award for her tireless efforts to a round of applause during an all-staff breakfast meeting on Tuesday.

“Allison is dedicated, passionate, compassionate, witty, ambitious, welcoming, joyful, kind, persistent, always willing to go the extra mile to help clients and greets everyone with a smile and ‘good morning’ – which is a pleasant way to start the work day,” said a combination of kind words offered at the event.

Her journey over the years, has been an evolving one. When the IHS position that caught her eye was first advertised, she was working in medical records management at a local hospital. Her interview, was an eye-opening experience that exposed her to the vast, interconnected network of help available to people in need locally.

“I just loved the human services aspect of the job being offered,” she said attracted her to the new opportunity.

Pierce’s service at IHS began in a dual role, splitting time between staffing the 2-1-1 HELPLINE and acting as AmeriCorps Program Assistant. An eagerness to learn and engage saw her rise through the ranks. In 2007, she became Director of Steuben Coordinated Transportation – which would later become IHS Coordinated Transportation Services.

As time marched on, the program grew under her nurturing leadership, attracted major nonprofit and governmental partners and more people were helped — expanding from serving just referral of seniors originating from the region’s Offices for the Aging, to also serving people under 60, people in need of non-emergency Medicaid rides and more.

“Going from 20,000 miles a year to over a million over the last few years really makes me feel great. It’s quite an accomplishment,” she said.

Those accomplishments can be attributed to a task-focused attitude that begins every morning and taking true joy in the result of running an operation that helps both the volunteer driver and client. Today, many mission critical agency relationships remain on solid ground thanks to her warm approach to outreach and true care for those served by CTS.

“Every day I try to do just a little more than the day before to help people, not only the seniors out there trying to stay in their homes, but to help our volunteer drivers, without whom this would not even be possible,” Pierce credited.

The celebration concluded with colleagues light-heartedly calling for her to stay on for another 20 years.



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