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Whether your organization is a recognized health and human services provider or a small, community-based organization providing basic assistance in the 211 Helpline of the Finger Lakes Region can help connect people in need to your resources. We can also help refer community members to additional resources.

Inclusion / Exclusion Policy

All existing and potential service providers should review our Inclusion / Exclusion Policy. The policy outlines eligibility for program and service listings. Please review the policy before submitting new services or listings.

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Statewide Data

Each year, 16 million people in the United States dial 2-1-1 for help with basic needs like food and shelter or emergency services. 2-1-1 Counts is the first tool to provide real-time, searchable and visual presentations of data from 2-1-1 call centers across the nation.

Outreach Materials

In an effort to raise awareness of 211 Helpline of the Finger Lakes region as resource across the state, 211 Helpline can provide branded outreach materials to community partners at no cost.

To learn more or to contact IHS’ Community Relations, click below.

Assistance Request Form

Your local 211 can help you identify available services, including counseling or substance use disorder treatment programs. Whether you know that you or someone you care about needs help, or are unsure, reach out to 211 as an easy first step. 

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