Get involved in your community

On Thursday July 9th, at 5:30pm STC is hosting a Zoom webinar focused on being elected to a local board position, getting appointed to a local board, and/or serving the local community as a volunteer board member for a non-profit organization.

Are you considering a run for local office?

Join both Steuben County Election Commissioners (Vicky Olin  and Kelly Penziul) for a discussion of the process of getting on a Town or County ballot.  Details about the NYS Independent Petition process will be discussed by the speakers.  STC staff will provide an overview of the roles and responsibilities for elected officials (councilman & trustee).

Register by clicking the button below, if you would like to know more about running for office.

Have you considered serving on a Zoning Board of Appeals, a Planning Board, or a Historic Preservation Board?

Local governments usually have several appointed boards or committees that carry out tasks as written into the local law or as assigned by the elected board.  The time commitment for an appointed board in a smaller community can be less than 2 hours per month.  Appointed boards (like the ZBA, Planning Board & others) often fulfill an important function: oversight by ‘regular people’ about development in their neighborhoods to ensure compatibility with the existing local character or the future goals of the residents.

Register for this event if you would like to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of appointed board members.

Is non-profit board membership a good start for you?

Non-profits organizations in our region are responsible for providing many vital services throughout our community, like:  childcare, libraries, youth sports, housing, healthcare, supportive care, civic engagement and more. Almost all non-profit boards are looking for new members.

STC is working on a regional project to promote service on non-profit boards as a skill building experience.  Register for this event if you would like to learn more about how you can help local organizations function effectively while gaining leadership experience.


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