Access Social Work Career Resources

One of the most rewarding fields of work available to Americans is social work. This is even more true during these uncertain times. With the field ever-expanding and need rising in our communities in response to the pandemic, our team at has reached out to you at Institute for Human Services, Inc. to share an online resource for individuals in Bath who are exploring potential career paths and maybe considering social work.

So many social workers continue to provide essential support to our communities during this pandemic and we want to encourage the future social workers of America to explore this valuable line of work. In this resource, we provide an overview of potential professional paths and provide further details on how to begin working towards specific roles. Also included is information on online program options to be mindful of social distancing as the team wanted to ensure our resources were mindful of the current state of affairs we as a country are facing. We invite you to explore the career resource here:

Looking for a Rewarding Career? Consider Social Work