Coming soon in October!

Working with People – The Helping Process for Peers Transitioning to Professionals – ONLINE COURSE

Dates:  Monday, October 19 – Friday, November 13, 2020

Cost:  $275

Working as a professional in human services can be exciting and overwhelming.  This course is developed to meet the council for standards in the human service education guide that helps students understand the knowledge, values and skills needed to be a human service practitioner.  It is developed specifically for peers (or entry level practitioners) who are entering the human service fields as professionals and paraprofessionals.  Objectives include:

  1. To develop knowledge that will enable workers to approach their tasks in an orderly fashion with an awareness of what they are doing and why they are doing in.
  2. To provide a knowledge base for additional education and training that will enable workers to practice in a different fields and in a changing society.
  3. To develop workers’ consciousness of themselves in relation to their profession.

This will be an interactive class which includes each student meeting one on one with the instructor to discuss their skills and competencies and potential gaps as well as how to utilize supervision.  This class is 50 hours in length, within 4 weeks.  This course is academically rigorous and students must be prepared to spend 12+ hours per week on course work.  Purchase of a text book is required (“Working with People – The Helping Process,” by Joanne Levine)

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