Recently, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has implemented stricter regulations regarding the enclosure requirements for certain animals in wildlife sanctuaries and education programs, such as ours.
Many of our animal ambassadors, all who are non-releasable to the wild, reside in our outdoor Wildlife Education Center. This Center allows the members to have lessons about wildlife, conservation, plants, and wildlife enrichment.
We received a deadline of June 1st, 2021 to complete all the required updates; if not, we will be forced to rehome 7 of our animal ambassadors. These animals have been hand-raised by our staff and program members since they were babies. To lose these animals would not only be stressful and traumatic to the animals, but also to our staff and members.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our wildlife education programs have been halted and we are not anticipating being able to reopen at the same level anytime soon. The donations we received from these programs helped to support the cost of food and care of our wildlife ambassadors. Without these programs and the loss of our other program funds, we are really struggling to financially support the care of our animal ambassadors.
We are working hard to fundraise to maintain their daily care, but have no funds to put towards the new mandates the DEC is requiring.
What Can You Do To Help?
We are looking for people and businesses to sponsor the cost of a new, customized Animal Ambassador Habitat.
**All contributions are tax deductible**
Habitat Sponsorship Information

Funky Fox Sponsor

As a Funky Fox Sponsor ($500 – $1,000) You Will Receive:

2 Invitations to our VIP Open House planned for the Summer of 2021

Your name/business listed on our sponsor board at the Wildlife Education Center Gate

Your name/business listed as a sponsor on our website

Your name/business listed as a sponsor in a press release to the community

Your name/business recognized on our social media posts

Loyal Lynx Sponsor

As a Loyal Lynx Sponsor ($1,500 – $3,000) You Will Receive:

Everything in a Funky Fox Sponsor PLUS….

4 Additional Invitations to our VIP Open House planned for the Summer of 2021

Your name/business recognized at 13WHAM and Finger Lakes Radio Appearances

Your name/business on the animal enclosure sign/plaque

Wildlife Rockstar Sponsor
As a Wildlife Rockstar Sponsor ($3,500 +) You Will Receive:

Everything in a Loyal Lynx Sponsorship PLUS….

4 Additional Invitations (10 total) to our VIP Open House planned for the Summer of 2021

4 Complimentary Passes to our next Wine & Dine with Wildlife Zoom Event

A Complimentary 1 hour Wildlife Education Program in our Wildlife Education Center or at your place of business (valued at $300)

General Donations
General donations toward our Wildlife Education Center improvements are also greatly appreciated!