The NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) and Governor Cuomo’s Administration have developed a plan to provide child care to income eligible essential workers at no cost. This allocation of funding for child care for essential workers comes to the state from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”).

New York State’s plan will ensure that the workforce that is needed to protect and care for the public during this pandemic will have the child care that they need that allows them to perform their critical jobs.   In addition, the goal is to assist Essential Workers with “putting money back in their pockets’ to use for other household necessities. An example: a parent with one child in care may pay $150 a week for child care – so over a 4 week period this program could put $600 back in the pockets of the Essential Worker.

The current timeframe for the program is April 20 through May 15 (as long as funding is available) Thus, applications should be submitted as quickly as possible.

To be eligible the Essential Employee:

–          MUST complete a simple online application which attests that they meet the income requirements

COVID-19 Parent Application for CARES Child Care Scholarship:

–          MUST Provide a letter from their employer indicating they are deemed an Essential Worker

–          Cannot be working from home, and

–          MUST utilize a registered or licensed child care program

Family Size Household Salary Eligibility (Maximum)
2 $51,720
3 $65,160
4 $78,600
5 $92,040
6 $105,480
7 $118,920
8 $132,360


Thank you ESSENTIAL WORKERS for all you are doing for our community!