The Communication & Development Specialist [CDS] will be an integral member of the NYSARH Team.   The CDS will focus on expanding the reach and impact of NYSARH communication with a goal of also increasing revenue generated by the organization.   All NYSARH activities are nonprofit, bipartisan and courteous.  A NYSARH supervisor will be readily accessible to support and mentor the CDS.

The CDS will develop and implement a Work Plan in conjunction with the NYSARH Supervisor to outline and monitor both routine and project-specific tasks.


The NYSARH CDS will have opportunities to engage with a wide variety high-level colleagues from across upstate New York for networking and professional development.  This experience will give the CDS exposure to a variety of future career paths and business connections.

Primary Duties

  1. Communication: The CDS will produce and place NYSARH messages according to a routine schedule and will suggest original communication strategies and messages to the team.  The CDS will develop awareness of NYSARH’s messages through expanding our network of likes, followers, outlets etc.  The CDS will monitor social medial analytics and suggest changes to enhance impact.
  1. Facebook 3x week
  2. Newsletter 4x year
  3. Linked In 1x week
  4. Print/Radio/TV press releases as needed
  5. Membership: The CDS will have responsibility for on-going membership management including monitoring the Member Portal.
    1. Run lapsed & renewing report monthly; follow up with both
    2. Send welcome email to new members, and renewing members
    3. Facilitate member theme/topic groups as needed
    4. Prepare monthly membership reports for Membership Committee
  1. Webinars: The CDS will assist with technical support, marketing, evaluation and recaps of webinars.
    1. Gather pre-materials from speakers
    2. Build marketing flyer using approved template
    3. Identify and place messages with topic-related sites & groups
    4. Send the post-webinar evaluation and analyze the results
    5. Marketing blasts to members and contacts lists for each webinar
  1. Website: The CDS will monitor the NYSARH website
    1. Work with NYSARH web manager to archive outdated content
    2. Add content as appropriate
    3. Anticipate needs and reach out to potential content creators
    4. Monitor website analytics and suggest changes to enhance impact
  1. Sponsors & Supporters: The CDS will research past and potential NYSARH sponsors and develop attractive opportunities for them to engage with NYSARH.
    1. Propose recognition/advertising levels with metrics to return to sponsors
    2. Encourage repeat engagements with multi-event packages
    3. Assist sponsors with layout or design if requested
    4. Build the Resource Directory for the Public Health Partnership Conference
  1. Board Support: The CDS may assist board members upon request.
    1. Scheduling and zoom management for meetings or appointments
    2. Background research and/or benchmarking
    3. Action Step follow up
  1. Projects: Over the course of the year several projects may come up that the CDS will be asked to assist with.


  1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
  2. Meet AmeriCorps/VISTA requirements
  3. Familiarity with a variety of social media tools


  1. This is a full-time position.
  2. The CDS will work virtually, with most meetings via Zoom, WebEx or telephone. For this reason, the CDS needs to have a dedicated workspace that is relatively free from interruptions.
  3. The CDS needs to have a computer, a telephone, good internet service, access to software [e.g. Microsoft] and aps [e.g. Facebook] and a printer/scanner.
  4. The CDS will report hours every two weeks.
  5. The CDS will store work-related documents in a NYSARH shared drive.
  6. The CDS will meet with the NYSARH Supervisor regularly.


  1. VISTA members receive a living allowance of $17,600 (pre-tax) throughout their service.
  2. At the end of their term, they receive a $6,495 education award, which can be used on education expenses (such as tuition or federally backed student loans).
  3. Members are also eligible for health coverage, college loan forbearance, and childcare subsidies.
  4. VISTA provides for some paid holidays and personal days.
  5. For more information about VISTA benefits, please visit gov.

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