CORNING, NY –  Youth from the Laura Richardson Houghton Corning Youth Center recently took part in a special day of service on April 9, 2021, to honor the memory and legacy of the woman whom the center is named for – Mrs. Laura Richardson Houghton.

Youth and staff participated in spring clean-up activities at the Hope Annex Cemetery, followed by a celebration of life and tree planting in Mrs. Houghton’s memory at the Youth Center’s 79 Flint Avenue location.

Laura Richardson Houghton was a devoted Board member and instrumental force in the 1986 founding of the Youth Center. Mrs. Houghton passed away in 2003. The Center was renamed in her honor in 2014.

This special day of service was spearheaded by Bianca Crandle, Director of Youth Services at Family Service Society, Inc.

“When I became Director of Youth Services in 2019, I learned about all of the youth programs I would oversee. I learned about the courageous, strong-willed, loving, and caring person named Laura Richardson Houghton whom our Youth Center is named after. I learned about her mission to support youth in the Corning area and decided to come up with a plan to honor her. Eighteen years have passed since Mrs. Houghton left us and 100 years that she and her husband Amory Houghton, Sr. would have been married. I concluded that the day of Mrs. Houghton’s passing (April 9thwould be a perfect date to give back to the community.  We coordinated with Richard from the Hope Annex Cemetery and Pam Noviello from Triangle Fund (for the Houghton family’s permission) to honor her name with a day of service at the cemetery and a tree planting ceremony at the Youth Center to follow.  14 youth and 9 staff members participated, picking up sticks and raking the cemetery. I wanted the youth to give back in the name of someone who gave so much to community youth in her day. I wanted them to see that without Mrs. Houghton, the Youth Center wouldn’t have come to fruition.  She paved the way for youth in Corning and continues to do so right from the very Youth Center she helped start. We will continue to honor her name every year with a day of service on April 9th and every day with the youth that enter our facility.”

For more information about the Laura Richardson Houghton Corning Youth Center, visit or call 936-3507.