Open Source Software: What Is It and How to Use It with Dan Kepich

Dormann Library

Do you have any old computers laying around that you can’t use because the operating systems are out of date and no longer supported? Local community member, Dan Kepich, was in just that situation 8 years ago. He did not want to throw his old computers out, so he started exploring the open source software program Linux. On Wednesday, March 18, Dan will be at the Dormann Library at 6:00pm to share with us his journey in becoming a Linux user and enthusiast.

People worldwide develop open source software collaboratively. It is not a profit driven pursuit, although it does find its way to commercial products (like with Android phones). According to Dan, “Linux is not just for geeks anymore.”

Dan would know. He has been using computers personally and professionally since 1992.   His years of experience with Windows and then upgrading to Linux gives him valuable experience and something of real value worth sharing with our community.  A long-term goal would be creating a local Linux user group.

We hope you will join us at the Dormann Library to explore more about what open source software is and how you can use it. Some familiarity with using a computer would be helpful in understanding this presentation. This program is free and is best suited for those aged 12 and up.