BATH, NY | When one story ends, a new one begins. The Dormann Library knows that well. It has seen a lot of change over its history – a new building, new technology, new partnerships – and it continues to keep evolving.

This summer, the Dormann Library said good-bye to Carol Berry in the role of the Director of the library. Carol had held that position for seventeen years and helped the library with developing access to public computers and Wi-Fi, adding the Chapters Café, and overseeing the addition of our new musical playground. She is off to new challenges and left with much appreciation and respect for her work in getting the Dormann Library to where it is now.

It is with much excitement that we begin a new chapter in the story of the Dormann Library. After months of searching, it seems that the best candidate was right under our noses all along! At their regular monthly meeting on October 20, 2020, the Dormann Library Board of Trustees officially appointed LeighAnn Rumsey as the library’s new Director.

Many of you might know LeighAnn, as she is a long time Bath resident and Haverling High School graduate. LeighAnn and her family have long been a part of our local community and she is currently serving as the Vice President of the Haverling Alumni Association (Go Rams!).

With her Masters in Library Science from Mansfield University and her Bachelors in Elementary Education from SUNY Geneseo, LeighAnn will be able to lead us into whatever the future holds. Board President Laura Bronson stated, “LeighAnn brings not only experiences in public and school library systems, but also a commitment of community service and passion for the greater Bath region. Her combination of experience and community service is exactly what the Board of Trustees were looking for when selecting a new leader for the future.”

LeighAnn is excited to renewing old partnership and forging new relationships as she settles into her position. Don’t be surprised if she starts asking what kinds of services you want the Dormann Library to be providing in addition to all the programs that it already does. As a forward thinking director, LeighAnn has made it her goal to take the library to the next level and make our community proud!

For more information about the Dormann Library and our services to the community, please visit our website at or contact us through our Facebook page.