Are you looking for a way to beat the winter doldrums? The Dormann Library has all the excitement you need this January with our 1St Annual Winter Reading Program! We will be exploring a “Space” theme all month long. This free program starts on January 1st and ends on January 31st and is open to all ages starting at 3 years. Register now at the library, so you can begin earning Participation Tickets for every book you read or listen to during the month of January.

You can also earn Participation Tickets by attending programs throughout the month: a mix of family friendly offerings like a virtual cartooning program with artist Rick Stromoski, crafting opportunities for all ages (both in-person and with grab & go kits), and a Circus Arts for Seniors workshop with Benjamin Berry. Some programs will require that you pre-register, so check out our monthly calendar of events at the library, on Facebook or on our website.

Did we mention that there will be prizes? We have five prizes including a telescope, a Lego space theme kit, and a diamond painting kit of the solar system.

Don’t throw out all your boxes after the holidays! Use them to build a masterpiece for our Family Box Challenge Building Event. Take all those gift boxes and cardboard wrapping tubes and make something wonderful. You can add other elements like paint to your creation. If your box building will fit a 12” by 12” square bring it to the Dormann Library for display starting on December 27. If your creation is bigger than that, take some pictures and email them to us ( for display. The best box creation will win a $25 Amazon gift card to start another box collection!


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