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Shape Our Future. Start Here.

Shape our future! The 2020 US Census begins March 14, and your participation helps determine federal funding for schools, hospitals, fire departments and informs public policy decisions impacting business and community initiatives. Participating is now easier than ever, and your data will remain completely confidential.

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Important Upcoming Dates

In mid-March, homes across the country began receiving invitations to complete the 2020 Census. It has never been easier to respond on your own, whether online, over the phone or by mail—all without having to meet a census taker.

April 16 – June 19: Census takers will work with administrators at colleges, senior centers, prisons, and other facilities that house large groups of people to make sure everyone is counted.

May 27 – August 14: Census takers will interview homes that haven’t responded to the 2020 Census to help make sure everyone is counted.

March 31: By this date, the Census Bureau will send redistricting counts to the states. This information is used to redraw legislative districts based on population changes.

See Where Your Community Stands

The 2020 Census is underway. Keep tabs on how many households in your community have responded with this map of self-response rates from across the country.

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