Deputy Director Steuben County Public Health

Job Duties: The work involves responsibility for assisting and, when needed, acting generally for and in place of the Public Health Director in the administering of the local Public Health Department. The Deputy Public Health Director is responsible for assisting in the implementation and enforcement of the State Sanitary Code and is responsible for assisting in the operations of the Public Health programs, Licensed Home Care Services Agency, Early intervention Program, Preschool Special Education Program and Article 28 clinic including direct supervision, general oversight and contract services of professional, technical and clerical staffs and volunteers. The work also involves responsibility for the provision of nursing services and supervision of nursing practice to assure safe, effective and efficient comprehensive nursing care in homes, clinics, schools and other community facilities. The Deputy plans, provides, and evaluates nursing care in a variety of settings with the goal of improving health outcomes and is actively involved in the planning, development, provision and evaluation of public health programs designed to prevent disease and improve the health of individuals, families, specific populations, high-risk groups and/or communities. Incumbent supervises the work of assigned public health professionals or auxiliary nursing staff.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and two years of administrative experience in a health related organization or government agency that demonstrates that the candidate possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to administer public health programs including workforce and budget management, effective communication, effective establishment and implementation of policy or business goals, and compliance with legal requirements.

Pay Range:$69,555-$82,631

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