Tanglewood News Nov. 11, 2020

Happy Veteran’s Day! We’re proud and grateful to have veterans on our staff, veterans as leaders on our Board of Directors, and veterans generously giving back to their community again as volunteers at Tanglewood. Thank you so much for your service!

Due to the increasing cases of COVID-19 across our region, the Nature Center is closed to the public. The Nature Center will remain closed until 2021. As always, our trails are open! We hope you enjoy the fresh air and foliage.

Speaking of the trails… we have a challenge for you!

Trail runners! 

Run the Tanglewood Red Trail during the month of November and submit a screenshot of your run (include the time and the map). Fastest times (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) earn trophies. Everyone else? Pain, glory, and a good story.  

$20 per registrant. Pay after your run, so you can upload your payment and your screenshot at the same time. 

Submit your entry here! 

Not a runner but still want to participate?

You can make our resident ultra runner, Ben Amsler, Run for the Hills. Over and over again. Donate any amount of your choice, and for every $500 donated to Tanglewood during the month of November, Ben will run one loop of the Red Trail on the Tanglewood property.

He’s getting close to the 5k mark – can we make it to $5,000 by this Friday? To make Ben run ten laps or more, please donate and make sure to drop Ben’s name in the comment field so your donation counts towards his grueling run!

What we’re reading this week: 

And hi and thank you to Mike and Peggy – I’m so glad that you’re enjoying these links! As always, if Tanglewood friends stumble across a cool article, video, podcast, community event – send it my way, I’m really happy to share them!

Be well and hike often.  Keep your eyes open for the woolly bears (are the ones in your neighborhood predicting a long or short winter?). Share your photos and nature stories with us!

If you’re an online shopper, remember, you can always support Tanglewood (at no additional cost to you) by doing your Amazon shopping at smile.amazon.com. Look for us as Tanglewood Community Nature Center, Inc. 

Reminder! Dogs are allowed at Personius Woods, but NOT on the trails by the nature center. We are preserving ground-nesting bird habitats and appreciate your cooperation. We encourage you to hike with your dogs along the streams, fields, and forests at Personius.