BATH, NY | During the first week of March, The Institute for Human Services, Inc. (IHS) in Bath, N.Y. hosted Master’s of Business Administration students from The University of Notre Dame for their inter-term project.

The three students (Alicia Brunson, Anubhav Garg and Yijie Lin) were placed with IHS through a partnership between the university and CapSource Experiential Learning, a New York City-based company connecting business leaders and their company challenges with the education process through research-oriented, project-based experiential learning engagements.

IHS directors asked the students to create a funding analysis tool to assist us in determining risks associated with a funding loss. The students began by examining IHS’s strategic plan, goals, and budgets which provided the foundational knowledge of IHS and its programs.
“They utilized the knowledge and strength of each teammate, collaboratively, as I would expect to see in a professional setting,” IHS Associate Director Belinda Hoad described.

In just four days, they created a user friendly, comprehensive predictive analysis tool that aligns financial and organizational impact, priorities and strategic goals — A highly sought after assessment for organizations operating in the nonprofit sector. At the end of the week, the project was presented to the IHS executive team.

“The end product superseded my expectations,” Hoad credited.

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