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October 21, 2020

In This Issue:
  • Energy Programs: The Need, Reach, and Impact of our Services
  • Understanding Poverty
  • Employment Opportunities

Energy Programs: The Need

Nearly one-third of U.S. households struggle to pay their energy bills. For many low-income families the issue is more acute as they tend to live in older homes with less-efficient appliances and heating and cooling equipment. High energy bills can put a strain on families and lead to difficult trade-offs between paying for energy and other necessities such as food and medicine, in order to pay an energy bill. Low-income households experience high energy burdens almost three times more than the average household and thirteen times more than non-low-income counterparts.

Energy Programs: The Reach

Pro Action employees uphold the highest standards of professionalism and quality. The Energy Programs Department is currently made up of 10 staff members: Department Director, Office Manager, Outreach Coordinator, 1 Energy Auditor with single and multifamily Quality Control Inspector designation, 1 Full time Crew Supervisor, 4 Crew Workers, and 1 Heat Tech. Our staff also maintains up-to-date EPA Lead Renovator certification, mandatory Health & Safety, and Lead & Air Sealing trainings.

Our Weatherization and EmPower NY programs help families raise their quality of living by improving energy efficiency. With more efficient energy usage, families both save money and increase the safety in their homes.
Energy Saving & Weatherization Services
  • Energy efficiency measures such as: air sealing; insulation; heating system improvement or replacement; lighting improvements; refrigerator replacement
  • EmPower specifically targets electric usage and also provides education for ongoing efficiency
HERR (Heating Equipment Repair and Replacement) – For homeowners that are eligible, the HERR benefit can help repair or replace furnaces, boiler and other direct heating equipment necessary to keep home’s primary heating source working. HERR is a benefit available to assist homeowners in repairing or replacing their primary heating equipment when it is unsafe or inoperable.
The HEAP Cooling Program provides an air conditioner or a fan to HEAP-eligible households. Applications are completed at the local DSS offices and approved recipients are contacted by our Energy Programs staff to schedule installation.
HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) offers the shelter and warmth that all people deserve. With HEAP, households can get some relief, and preserve limited cash for meeting their other needs. Pro Action assists Steuben and Yates Counties in offering HEAP Services:
  • Resources to help pay a portion of annual energy bills.
  • HEAP may help pay for: electricity, propane, natural gas, wood, oil, kerosene, coal, or any other heating fuel.
  • Emergency assistance for households in a heat-related emergency.
  • Assistance with furnace repair or replacement for households with inoperable heating equipment.


Energy Programs: Our Impact

Weatherization Assistance Program – 121homes have received weatherization services so far in our 2 year contract beginning April 1, 2019.
EmPower New York Program – 19 homes have received energy reduction services through EmPower, since January 1, 2020.
HERR (Heating Equipment Repair and Replacement) Program – 102 homes received repair or replacement services to their furnace during the contract timeline between November 4, 2019-September 30, 2020.
HEAP Cooling Program – Installed 127 Air Conditioners during the 2020 HEAP Cooling Season between May 1, 2020 – August 31, 2020
HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) – In partnerships with Steuben and Yates County Department of Social Services, we assisted with completing a total of 361 HEAP applications during the 2019-2020 HEAP season.
Contact our Energy Programs Department to discuss eligibility (whether you own or rent your home) and sign up for services, by phone at: 607-776-2125 or via email at:
Visit our website to learn more about these and all programs at Pro Action!
Understanding Poverty
Separating the Myths and Facts
Myth:Low-income families spend the same on home energy costs as those with higher incomes.
Fact: Low-income families face a high energy burden, paying an average of 16.3 percent of their income on utilities – more than four times what higher income households pay (3.5 percent). In many areas of the country this energy burden can climb to upwards of 50 percent. By reducing energy costs through weatherization, low-income families can spend more on other essentials like food and medicine.
Visit our SOURCEt o learn more.
An important part of Pro Action’s work is to build knowledge and understanding of the causes and conditions of poverty. Visit our website to learn more about how Pro Action is building a deeper understanding about the experience of poverty.
Employment Opportunities: Work With Us
Join our team that is helping people, changing lives, and making a difference.
Senior Community Service and Employment Program
Pro Action has a program that assists eligible individuals, age 55 and over,with finding employment.
Pro Action wants you to know that it’s never too late to learn new skills and find a fulfilling job! Our Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is an income eligible program that matches eligible job seekers age 55+ with a community service assignment based on employment interests and goals.
Participants work 20 hours per week and earn minimum wage while gaining experience, increasing skills and building self-confidence. These training assignments can be used as a bridge to finding job opportunities outside of the program. In fact, the experience often leads to permanent employment.
This program serves four counties including Allegany, Chemung, Schuyler, and Steuben. For more information about the Senior Community Service & Employment Program, contact Kelly Duby, Project Director at (607) 776-2125, ext. 145, or by email at
Visit the JOB OPPORTUNITIES page of our website for more information, along with details for all of our open positions and application instructions.
Pro Action is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).