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Grant Workshop at Cornell University Changed to Live Webinar

The Professional Grant Development live online workshop, which is normally held at Cornell University, has been moved online for health and safety concerns. It will include: the same length of instruction, interactive discussions, and one-on-ones with the instructor.

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McKinley to represent New York State in Intensive Regional Leadership Development Program

The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) named Tess McKinley, Executive Director at CCE Steuben, to participate in the 2021-2022 class of the Appalachian Leadership institute at As an Appalachian Leadership Institute Fellow, Tess will participate in an extensive, nine-month series of skill-building seminars featuring regional experts, peer-to-peer learning, and case study analysis.

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Family Support Specialist – Healthy Families Steuben (Painted Post)

Catholic Charities Steuben/Livingston is hiring for the position of Family Support Specialist. The candidate will be responsible for initiating and maintaining regular and long-term contact with families for the purpose of strengthening the parent-child relationship; enhancing parenting skills; providing child development education and activities to encourage development as well as offering support in the areas of goal setting, community connections, and family functioning to aid in reducing the family and its members’ overall vulnerability and susceptibility to stress.

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CCC Diversity Center Weekly News, Announcements, and Events

Corning Community College Diversity Center highlights a number of helpful events featuring different international, racial and religious perspectives from experts around the world as well as local events and resources to kickstart DEI activities among local businesses and organizations.

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Tanglewood News Sept. 29, 2021

Explore the new habitat of Bernice the tortoise at Tanglewood nature center and museum made possible by volunteers. Also check out the Winter Wiggles and Tuesday drop in event, or get to know the world of the Tasmanian Tiger in a new presentation.

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