Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Tanglewood is excited to offer a new benefit to the community—one that will benefit the animals and programming at the nature center as well.  Delaware River Solar (DRS), based in Sullivan County, NY, is offering Tanglewood supporters the chance to enroll in a community solar program.  You can sign up at Haunted Happenings on October 19th or stop by to ask questions to the DRS representative.

Good for you, good for Tanglewood, good for the Earth!

Signing up with DRS allows you to purchase electricity at a 10% discount from a local solar farm in NY state.  For every participant enrolled, Tanglewood will receive $50 from DRS to be put towards animal care and programming at Tanglewood. As a thank-you bonus, every member approved for the program will receive a $50 gift card to their choice of participating stores, including Amazon, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Applebee’s and more.


  • $50 Gift Card to your choice of participating store *
  • Savings on your electric bill
  • Available to renters and homeowners
  • Local, renewable energy
  • No panels on your roof or property
  • No maintenance required
  • No sign-up fees or deposits
  • No cancellation fees

*Upon approval into DRS solar program

DRS Community Solar FAQs

How does this benefit the environment?

Community solar reduces the amount of energy generated from coal and natural gas plants, reducing our overall carbon footprint and improving local air quality and health.  In more specific terms, the carbon emissions reduction is the equivalent, for each participant in community solar, of no longer driving a car for the life of the project — 20-30 years!

How much can I save?

A DRS community solar subscription will save you 10% off your electric rate.  There are no sign up fees, and you can cancel at anytime with 60 days’ notice.

Can I participate if I have budget billing with NYSEG?

Customers should contact NYSEG to remove budget billing prior to enrolling.  With Budget Billing, NYSEG reconciled customer accounts at the end of the annual cycle, but with community solar, credits need to be applied to the customer’s bill every month.  This does not work if budget billing is in place.

How do I see my savings?

The solar project generates electricity throughout the year.  Each month, you’ll receive solar credits that will offset charges on your electric bill.  After the credits offset your electric bill, you pay DRS for those credits at a 10% discount.

Do I still get power from the utility?

Yes.  Your current electric service will not be interrupted, and you will still receive your electricity from the utility as you do now.

Does community solar benefit the local communities?

Yes!  In addition to providing local jobs and savings on community members’ electricity bills, DRS’s projects benefit local communities in numerous ways, including increased tax revenue, economic enrichment, preservation of farmland, and much more.

Need more information?  Meet Catie, a DRS representative, in person at Tanglewood!

Join us at Haunted Happenings on October 19th and stop by the DRS table to enroll or find out more about community solar.

Join us in growing solar in Elmira!