Tanglewood Nature Center and Museum News (June 26)

Summer camp begins Monday June 29th!

The Nature Center opens to the public Tuesday June 30th at 9am!

You will notice some changes when we re-open:

  • masks are required within the nature center
  • the exhibit hall has been changed to a one-way hall
  • the library is limited to only one family group at a time
  • the restrooms are limited to one person at a time (or up to 3 from within one household, you can take your child in with you!)
  • the gift shop will be ring-for-service and only one shopper will be permitted inside at one time
  • the picnic pavilion is no longer open to the public – it is reserved for the use of summer campers
  • we will change our summer hours to accommodate our extra-rigorous cleaning and keep our summer campers, staff, and volunteers safe. The Nature Center will be open Tuesday-Friday 9am-4pm, and closed Saturday-Monday through Labor Day.

You can always consult our COVID19 page on our website for the latest information.

All camp registrants have been contacted with our newest information – any prospective registrants or curious folks can check out our updates on the camp page of our website.

TRAILS ARE OPEN, so enjoy a hike!

What we’re reading this week:

  • The pandemic could decimate environmental outdoor education, hurting the kids who need it most. “Some 11 million kids who would have been served by 1,000 organizations will have missed environmental and outdoor science learning opportunities. About 60% of them are from communities of color or low-income communities.”
  • Families are weighing whether summer day camps are right for them. (We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this, too.) This quote from Dr. Emanuel sticks out: “Almost all the data talks about the importance of socialization, interacting with other kids, negotiating, playing, setting rules. Those are important things for child development.”

Climate change will hurt Black moms most. “Pregnant women exposed to

  • high temperatures or air pollution are more likely to have children who are premature, underweight or stillborn, and African-American mothers and babies are harmed at a much higher rate than the population at large, according to sweeping new research examining more than 32 million births in the United States.”  “Doing nothing about air pollution, which so clearly has a greater impact on Black Americans, is racism in action.” -Catherine Garcia Flowers.
  • It’s a free fishing weekend this weekend – you don’t need a license to get out there and fish!

Be well and hike often.  Share your photos and nature stories with us!

Reminder! Dogs are allowed at Personius Woods, but NOT on the trails by the nature center. We are preserving ground-nesting bird habitats and appreciate your cooperation. We encourage you to hike with your dogs along the streams, fields, and forests at Personius.