Tanglewood News and Updates (April 29)

Get that (un-dyed) sugar water going, because some tired, hungry ruby throated hummingbirds are on their way! You can check their progress though this very cool site.

Tanglewood TRAILS ARE OPEN, so enjoy a hike! The nature center is closed until further notice, which means that there are no restrooms for you to use nor water bottle refilling stations – plan ahead – and please remember to hike only with the people you already live with, and to give other hikers a 6′ wide distance as you pass.

What we’re reading and watching this week:

  • Sheltering in place with spiders, cockroaches, turtles, and more. This made me laugh and go check out the spider videos. (At Tanglewood, we are happily tending to the nature center’s collection at the nature center. The cockroaches did not come home with us.)
  • Ah, the unexpected perils of birdwatching.
  • Elaine, Bridget, and Ian are thrilled that Parks & Rec is coming back tomorrow night!
  • Chuck-will’s-widows are WILD. “Jammed in the esophagus of the Chuck-will’s-widow was a Common Yellowthroat. “Death of both birds would seem to have been by suffocation,” Owre wrote. Lest the discovery be mistaken for some kind of freak collision, Owre also reported what he found next: Inside the larger bird’s stomach was another warbler, this one a Cape May, mostly undigested.”

Be well and hike often. Share your photos and nature stories with us!

Reminder! Dogs are allowed at Personius Woods, but NOT on the trails by the nature center. We are preserving ground-nesting bird habitats and appreciate your cooperation. We encourage you to hike with your dogs along the streams, fields, and forests at Personius.