Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum News Update (June 10)

Our weekly Wednesday Facebook live education programs continue! Tune in at noon (as we move towards reopening, we’re rearranging staff schedules and changing our live programs to noon on Wednesday.) Last time I was live, I took Bernice for a ramble and was lightly threatened by some Canada geese; who knows what fun hijinks will ensue today!

If you join or renew as a member of Tanglewood (or any of 11 local cultural organizations!) by the end of June, the Community Foundation of Elmira Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes will kick in an additional donation of $25! Simply visit our website to join or renew by 6/30 and Tanglewood can earn an additional donation up to $2,500!

Tanglewood TRAILS ARE OPEN, so enjoy a hike! The nature center is closed until further notice, which means that there are no restrooms for you to use nor water bottle refilling stations – plan ahead – and please remember to hike only with the people you already live with, and to give other hikers a 6′ wide distance as you pass.

As a reminder, while we continue to plan for a safe and healthy reopening in Phase 4, we are not yet sure whether we will be permitted to hold a summer camp. Here’s what we do and don’t know right now, and what we’re working on. We don’t have any new updates since 5/26; we are in constant contact with Chemung County’s Health Department and as soon as they can tell us anything more, we’ll tell you!

What we’re reading and watching this week:

  • Read up on links between climate change and racism. This is the only recommended reading this week because it has a lot of great reads included. Take your time and read through the links (and the books – if you haven’t yet read Octavia Butler’s novels, Parable of the Sower is excellent). These resources are well worth the time, whether you are an expert or new to thinking about this intersection.

Be well and hike often.  Share your photos and nature stories with us!

Reminder! Dogs are allowed at Personius Woods, but NOT on the trails by the nature center. We are preserving ground-nesting bird habitats and appreciate your cooperation. We encourage you to hike with your dogs along the streams, fields, and forests at Personius.