Tanglewood Nature Center News (May 13)

Our friend Jim Pfiffer is retiring – CONGRATULATIONS to Jim on his incredible work as the founder and Executive Director of Friends of the Chemung River for eleven years! Jim, you’ve made the Chemung River healthier and happier, you’ve inspired generations of river-watchers and championed recreation in this beautiful region, and your hard work for over a decade has repercussions all throughout the watershed – those lil blue crabs down in Maryland raise their claws to you too! Thank you a thousand times for your passion and dedication. Many beautiful Chemung River sunrises to you in your retirement!

You can thank a fellow environmentalist with a note to Jim here. And if you know anyone who would like to step into these inspirational shoes? They’re hiring their next Executive Director! Position description and more info here.

Tanglewood TRAILS ARE OPEN, so enjoy a hike! The nature center is closed until further notice, which means that there are no restrooms for you to use nor water bottle refilling stations – plan ahead – and please remember to hike only with the people you already live with, and to give other hikers a 6′ wide distance as you pass.

What we’re reading and watching this week:

  • From Elaine: the best trees to reduce air pollution.
  • Mmmmmm, morels.
  • “Spiders can sense the earth’s electric field, and use it to launch themselves into the air.” Spidey sense!

Be well and hike often. Share your photos and nature stories with us!

Reminder! Dogs are allowed at Personius Woods, but NOT on the trails by the nature center. We are preserving ground-nesting bird habitats and appreciate your cooperation. We encourage you to hike with your dogs along the streams, fields, and forests at Personius.